remove Windows 7 passwordOnce you set up a password for your windows 7 system, it is a good way to protect your important information. However, sometimes you found that you always forget something, such as keys, bag or wallet . at the same time, you realized that losing anything is very troublesome, you may try to preserve your important information in your private media, such as a USB flash, and then you want to remove windows 7 password, what can you do to bypass the windows login process, here I’d like to share an easy way to remove windows 7 password with you.

This easy way is to use the windows system, after you start your computer, click on Start and start the Control Panel , you may see a “User Accounts and Family Safety” option, then click on the User Account to proceed the procedure. You may opened the User Accounts window after you click on the User Accounts, then move your mouse to the Make changes to your user account area and click the Remove your password button, on the screen of the text box, you can enter your windows 7 password and click Remove Password button to confirm that you want to remove your windows 7 password. At last, you can close the User Account window after you finished all the process. Now that you can log in to your PC and access to windows 7 again without a password, for the password has been deleted thoroughly . in this case, you mustn’t preserve important message in your computer because anyone who get your computer may log in to your windows 7 system.

In addition, this way is suitable for only this situation when you haven’t locked your computer and you have trouble in remembering your password. if you want to remove windows 7 password when you lost or forgot windows password, this method is not useful, you must seek another way to solve this problem.

Of course, if you forgot Windows admin password suddenly, you’d better use Windows Login Recovery which can help you reset all Windows systems password include the brand laptops.