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In the previous post, we have talked about how to create a System Repair Disc for Windows 7, System Repair Disc can format C and If you want to Format C totally, you can use this Disc. Note: When you format C, you don’t truly erase the information on the drive, you only hide it […]

“I’m a primary school teacher and I often use PowerPoint and Multimedia to give lessons to my little students. However, one of the naughty boys changed my computer’s Windows Login password for a trick and he didn’t remember the password he set at all. I have a class a quarter later. What should I do?” […]

Forgot Windows password? Never worry about it. You can reset your password by using a password reset disk or by using an administrator account. What to do if you forgot Windows password: using a password reset disk If you have created a password reset disk, to reset windows password would be very simple and effective. […]

Are you still grabbing your head like a cat on hot bricks since you forgot Windows 7 password of your PC and got no access to your Windows system? Actually, you can access your Windows without a password. Windows by default requires that you select a user account and enter a password when you first […]

“My daughter has forgotten her Windows (XP) password and now can’t get into her computer. Is there a way of recovering the password, resetting it, or getting into the machine any other way?” Someone asks online for help. Actually, computers have been attached great importance both in our work and daily life. Once you are […]

A Windows administrator password is the password that is used to log on to any Windows account that has administrative access. This password keeps unauthorized access away from your important information or file stored in the computer and is required at each attempt of entering your Windows system. If you have forgotten your Windows 7 […]

What do you know about the safe Mode? Maybe many people just know that they can remove viruses and spywares in safe mode. As a matter of fact, you are also able to remove Windows password in safe mode. It is an ideal way to reset Windows password that you forgot. When you forgot Windows […]

My best friend gave a call today and asked me what she should do to reset her Windows password. She uses Windows 7 and she forgot Windows password that is to log on to administrator on her computer at home after her business trip. There’s no guest account, either. And she had to get some […]

Have you ever heard the complaint of forgetting HP laptop password. Some HP users may have encountered the problem of losing their Login password so that they have  to reset Windows password so as to regain access to their HP Laptop.  I also  heard such kinds of complaint for HP laptop password problem from my […]

Password reset disk with which you can store your password information of your system is necessary for you when you forgot or lost Windows password. With this disk,  you can change your login password as many times as you like and you can still use the identical password reset  disk to reset Windows password if […]