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Once your Windows 7 password forgot, what you need to do firstly is to find the best way to solve the problem. To different people, the priority of the factors one considers is probably different while choosing a Windows password recovery tool. Today there are many great tools like Windows Login Recovery is used to […]

You can reinstall Windows 7 using Recovery in Control Panel, under Advanced recovery methods. This method reinstalls Windows 7, either from a recovery image provided by your computer manufacturer, or from your original Windows 7 installation files. You need to reinstall all of the programs that you added, and restore all of your files from […]

For many PC users it may be difficult to recover a lost password in Windows 7. But there is a number of people approach to solve this problem, actually. Using a Windows 7 password reset disk to reset the lost Windows 7 password is an easy and efficient solution. You could easily create a Windows […]

Windows 7 Operation System is now the most popular windows system in the world and more and more users tend to use Windows 7 as their PC systems. However, some users may not be very familiar with some of its features. Since the Windows 7 administrator account is disabled in default, when you need it, […]

Feel frustrated or annoyed when you forgot Windows 7 password? Windows has some handy features that allow you to recover or reset Windows 7 password on your own, when you cannot gain access to your user account. You can reset windows 7 password with Operating System CD. Firstly, you should put the Windows 7 Operating […]

Windows 7 is almost the latest operation system at the moment; do you have the plan to update to Window 7 or buy a new Windows 7 PC and experience the convenience and new features? Actually whether to you buy a new Windows 7 machine or update Windows XP to Windows 7, there is one […]

Forgetting your Windows 7 password can be one of the most frustrating experiences you encounter. Fortunately, we aren’t so hopeless and neither is that you forgot Windows 7 password. Recovering a forgotten Windows 7 password is as simple by using a system repair disc. Windows 7 allows users to create a system repair disc that […]

It is reported that the users of Windows 7 firstly overrides windows XP recently. So it is obvious that windows 7 is more and more popular among PC users and it is with more wonderful and customer friendly. If you are still in use of Windows XP, why not upgrade it to Windows 7? To […]

Are you worried about your computer’s safety? When you start your PC, Do you need a Windows 7 login password? Without a password, anyone in your office or home has full and unrestricted access to everything on your PC. Fortunately, creating a new Windows 7 login password is very simple. However, once you forgot windows […]

Are you going to update to Windows 7 or buy a new Windows 7 computer? Here are some tips on how to set password for your computers or laptops in Windows 7, and how to reset Windows 7 password if you forgot it someday. Windows 7 allows its users to set a password for the […]