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It is reported that the users of Windows 7 firstly overrides windows XP recently. So it is obvious that windows 7 is more and more popular among PC users and it is with more wonderful and customer friendly. If you are still in use of Windows XP, why not upgrade it to Windows 7? To […]

You forgot Windows XP password of your system and you’re the only user on your PC? To completely bypass the logon process, you have to remove your Windows XP account password. For security, you should think about something like whether you have no possibility to think of your password and you are indeed the only […]

With the administrator password in Windows XP, you can access the “Administrator” account, which usually doesn’t show up on the logon screen and most people even don’t know its existence. It often affects little since your computer under this account is not usually in use. However, you will need this password sometimes, such as when […]

In order to protect our Windows system, we often set a strong password for our login account in our PC. It is definitely right that the password has been the first line of safeguard that can hinder others to enter our system. However, we may be locked out of our own PC as well when […]

Though Windows 7 has been launched for a long time, Windows XP nowadays is still widely used especially in some offices. So when there are people who forgot password Windows XP, troubles come into being. Since we would like to restore our important working files in our computer, once forgot the password, we cannot access […]

Forgot Windows XP password in HP? Many people may have encountered this problem since HP is widely used and Windows XP is also the most common Windows Systems. HP in Window XP is always widely used in office because of its great compatibility. When you forgot Windows password of Windows XP in HP, you could […]

What comes to your mind first when you forgot Windows XP password, re-installation or restoration? Actually, everyone knows that’s not the best choice since PC users will lose their information or data of files. Besides they are time-consuming. Fortunately, Windows XP enables you to create a password reset disk to recover Windows XP password while […]

We have talked much of Windows 7 password recovery before, and now there are still a lot of people who are using Windows XP, especially for some companies in OA. And we know that office computer restored many important files that refer to our work. If we forgot Windows password, it wouldn’t be worse than […]