windows 7 passwordAchieving good computer security can seem like a daunting task, because we are not computer experts, and we are not familiar with computers. Fortunately, following the few simple steps below can provide a good measure of security in very little time.

1) Set up a password. When you bought the computer in the store, maybe the computer guy would install almost all the common software for you, also he would ask you whether you need to set up a password or not. At this time, I would strongly advise you to do so in order to protect your computer security. But later you would become worried about forgetting Windows 7 password for some uncertain reasons. It is my pleasure that I hope you can create a password reset disk at the same time so as to get your forgotten password back if you meet with this incident. Of course, if you did not want to do so, it is possible that you need to spend some money on the password resetting in order to get the best service.

2) Use antivirus software and keep it up-to-date. As we all know, there is a lot of virus on the Internet, so we should install antivirus software to prevent our computer from virus. Besides, we should check for new definition updates daily in order to get the latest virus data. As a matter of fact, most antivirus software can be configured to do this automatically. So we only need to install a kind of software and set to run on startup so that you can reduce many troubles of running it in the process of operation.

3) Secure your browser. Many labor under the dangerous misconception that only Internet Explorer is a problem. It’s not the browser you need to be concerned about. Nor is it a matter of simply avoiding certain ‘types’ of sites. Known, legitimate websites are frequently being compromised and implanted with malicious JavaScript that foists malware onto visitors’ computers. To ensure optimum browsing safety, the best tip is to disable JavaScript for all but the most essential of sites — such as your banking or regular ecommerce sites. Not only will you enjoy safer browsing, you’ll be able to eliminate unwanted pop-ups as well.

4) Use a firewall. No Internet connection is safe without one. Firewalls are necessary even if you have a dial-up Internet connection–it takes only minutes for a non-firewalled computer to be infected. So you should use a firewall without hesitation now, for it is easy and safe. There are not so many complicated steps for you. In fact, when you buy the computer, the workman may have installed a firewall for you.

5) Install security patches. Vulnerabilities in software are constantly being discovered and they don’t get discriminated by vendor or platform. It’s not simply a matter of updating Windows; at least monthly, you should check for and apply updates for all software you use. Only when you install security patches in regular time can you keep your computer in a safe state.

Now you can share with us about your computer safety tips so that we can exchange our ideas.