Many a person has ever forgotten Windows 7 password. It is so tricky and with  desperateness. Because it  refers that you are not able to use your computer and your work cannot be carried on at all. To your fortune, there are efficient and free ways to retrieve your lost Windows password. And here are directions on the Windows 7 password reset.

Method 1: Use another Windows 7 admin account if available

Advantage: If you have another available admin account on your system, you can recover Windows 7 password effectively and easily. Log on Windows 7 system with the admin account, and then you can come to the Control Panel and change or remove other accounts’ passwords.

Only in three simple steps:

Step 1 Click ‘Start’ > ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Add or remove user accounts’.

Step 2 Choose the locked administrator account.

Step 3 Click ‘Change the password’ or ‘Remove the password’. And then you can change or remove the lost or forgotten password.

Well! You have successfully performed Windows password reset. You could log on system with the new password now.

Disadvantage: this method works on the premise that you have an account except the administrator. If not, this wouldn’t work at all.

Method 2: Use Windows 7 password reset disk to retrieve your password

Advantage: Users of Windows 7 are allowed to create a password reset disk to avoid that they may forget Windows 7 password. With the password reset disk, they can reset Windows 7 password easily when they lost the password. And it’s free. You only need a USB or a disk.

Windows 7 password recovery with the reset disk is with following these five simple steps:

Step 1 When you input a wrong password and the screen displays: ‘The user name or password is incorrect’. Click ‘OK’ and you are back to the login screen. Insert the password reset disk into your computer and click ‘Reset password’.

Step 2 Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Step 3 Choose your disk and click ‘Next’.

Step 4 Type a new password and click ‘Next’.

Step 5 Click ‘Finish’ to exit.

Disadvantage: The disadvantage here is that users can only create the disk before they lost their password. If you did not create one in advance, it wouldn’t help.

Anyway, every coin has two sides. you have to realize that there are not perfect solutions for free. Anyway, Windows Login Recovery tool can manage both disadvantage and Advantages and provides you with the best way to solve your password problem. just learn more from our blog.