Many people have forgotten Windows password for once or more. What should they do then? For those who use Windows 7 system, you need know how to recover Windows 7 password. Let’s follow the easy steps below to perform Windows 7 password recovery:

Windows Login Recovery, which is a professional program for password recovery in any windows versions like Windows 7/XP/7/2008, etc. This software allows you to create a password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive to recover Windows 7 password as well. This method is often adopted when people are locked out of computer with all Windows administrator passwords lost by following the steps below:

1.      Download and install Windows Login Recovery in an accessible computer.

2.      Burn a password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

3.      Boot your locked computer from the created password reset disk.

4.      Recover Windows 7 password by following its instructions.

Windows Login Recovery has three versions, Standard, Professional and Enterprise, among which the Standard Edition can used to reset Windows Local Administrator password and Windows Local Administrator password and the create a password reset disk with CD/DVD; Professional Edition can create a password reset disk with USB flash Drive except for the functions of the Standard Edition, while the Enterprise Edition, except for the functions of Standard and Professional Edition, can reset Windows Domain password as well. You can choose the Edition that suits your situation of Windows 7 password recovery.

Besides, if there are other user’s accounts on your PC, one of them may be setup with administrator level access. This means that the user would be able to change the password when you forgot Windows 7 password for you from the account. You can just enter the control panel and click User accounts, then change the password in a few clicks.

If the data in your PC is not very important, you can simply re-install your Windows 7 system or remove Windows 7 password with the system repair disc. If you have backed-up your PC before, you can also restore your Windows 7 and then you can enter your PC in the previous state you once backed-up.