Forgot Windows password is indeed tricky and troublesome. Many people may have encountered such problems and get frustrated by the forgotten password since the PC will lock them out without typing the correct password.

Fortunately, there are many available ways to get Windows password reset, such as password reset disk or Windows system repair disc and so on. Recent years, reset Windows password with password recovery software that can create an Usb Flash Drive is the most popular and it is also identified as the simplest way, then, how to remove Windows password with an Usb Flash Drive. Here is the guide:

1. Download Windows Login Recovery in our official site and Install it in an available computer
2. After installing the program, run it to create a password reset USB flash drive
2.1 Select Reset local account password for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000, and click on Next.

2.2 Insert a blank USB flash drive into computer to create the password reset disk. Select USB, click on Burn to start the burning. The software will automatically burn the reset disk with the Usb. After burning completes, click Quit.

Now you can Take out the password reset disk and then put it into the locked computer to remove the local account password.
3. Set BIOS to boot from USB flash drive.

3.1 When boot up your computer, please press ‘DEL’ or ‘F2’ or even’ F10’ to run BIOS Setup Utility
3.2 Go to the Boot Section and press UP or Download key to change the First Boot Device to a USB device in some BIOS program.
3.3 After all the changes are set press ‘F10’ to exit and save the settings.
4. Remove Windows password with the burned USB flash drive

4.1 Select the Windows system to reset password for firstly.
4.2 Select the User accounts to reset password for, click Next.
4.3 Now the local account password is removed successfully. Take out the CD/DVD or USB flash drive, click Reboot to confirm and continue the operation, by click Yes to restart computer you can log on your system without any password.