Forgot Windows 7 passwordIf you forgot Windows 7 password of your Computer and locked out of your own computer, you must be worried like an ant in a hot pan since you have to get the data or files in it and finish a report or presentation preparation or something. Never mind, you can remove Windows 7 password you forgot and regain access to your PC again as soon as possible with the solution below that will guide you to achieve Windows 7 password removal.

Then, how can you remove a forgotten Windows 7 password and then proceed to easily access to your computer once again? Above all, you will need an access to a non-locked computer or a laptop with a CD/DVD drive capable of burning discs. Then you can use the computer to create a bootable CD disc for your locked computer. And all the process can be finished with the Windows password recovery software—Windows Login Recovery.

Windows Login Recovery software will automatically create the bootable CD needed to reset the forgotten Windows 7 password on your computer. Then, you need download this software and install it on the non-locked computer/laptop. After that, you insert a blank CD into the non-locked computer/laptop; launch Windows Login Recovery that you installed in previous step and follow the program guide to complete the whole process step by step (learn detailed steps, please go to Windows Login Recovery User Guide).

Once you have finished creating the bootable CD, you can insert it into your locked computer and reboot it. And then, the computer will boot from the CD you created. Automatically, the program on the bootable CD will remove Windows 7 forgot password from the computer. And once it is completed, you can regain access to your computer with password box blank! Finally, you can take out the CD and enter your Windows 7 normally.