Here I want to show you all how to reset Dell windows vista password. Since Dell is widely used all over the world, many Dell users face such a problem: the password they set for windows has been forgotten and they cannot log into windows. So it is really necessary here to present some ways to teach Dell users to remove the password and make them regain access to windows.

Guessing the first way we can come up with when windows password is forgotten. After trying over and over again and still cannot find out the right one, maybe we should try some other ways instead. Have you made a password reset disk which is made by a CD/DVD or USB drive from Control Panel? If you did, it is the perfect time to take it out to rescue your locked computer. If you didn’t, and never mind, keep in mind that windows owns such a feature. The last hope: do you have an accessible admin account or a common account that has been authorized admin right? You do then the forgotten Dell password can be easily reset.

If the last hope still cannot help you, then you should use third-party windows password recovery software like Windows Login Recovery. Although it is not built-in method, I think it is the most convenient way to reset forgotten windows password. How can I say so? Firstly, it takes little time to finish resetting password. Unlike guessing that you should try at least several times, using the software one time you surely can reset the password. The software also reset password by a bootable disk, but the disk is not made from Control Panel, but through the software. The disk made from Control Panel should be made before the computer is locked. For Windows Login Recovery, you can make it anytime you want. Besides, any password can be reset by the software, admin account or other common user accounts. See the steps how Windows Login Recovery to get Dell windows 7 password recovery.

1. Download the software on an accessible computer and install it.
2. Run it to make a password reset disk by putting a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into it.
3. Insert the disk you made to the locked computer to get windows password reset.

Windows Login Recovery has four different versions: standard, professional, enterprise and ultimate. Any requirements can be fulfilled by them. Surely you will choose it reset forgotten windows password for you.