Feel frustrated or annoyed when you forgot Windows 7 password? Windows has some handy features that allow you to recover or reset Windows 7 password on your own, when you cannot gain access to your user account. You can reset windows 7 password with Operating System CD.

Firstly, you should put the Windows 7 Operating System CD into the drive on your computer and restart it. Press any key on the keyboard when you see the message “Press any key to boot from CD”.Setup will check your system and load the needed files, then. Press Enter to Windows setup, press F8 to accept the License Agreement and click Repair.

When the repair process begins, it will take a little time for all of your files to copy. Whenthe process is finished, your computer will reboot automatically.

After that, Installing Devices will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen. you press Shift+F10  and a command console will open. Type NUSRMGR.CPL and press Enter at the prompt. User Accounts will be listed on your computer. Select the correct account and change or remove the password. If you want to log in without using a password, at all type control userpasswords2 and press Enter.

When you are finished exit out of all open windows and enter your Product ID at the prompt. Now you can Log into your computer with your new password.

By following this way, your windows 7 password reset can be achieved. But for a way much easier and quicker, you should resort to password recovery tools. And Windows Login Recovery would be in recommendation. You can learn more information by click windows login recovery.