Usually, we’d like to set a Windows password to protect our computer in case that the little brother or sister to make troubles on our PC. Or there may be something secret and important that is private, we don’t want others to know. Anyway, a Windows password is necessary for most of us. However, it brings us troubles as well when we forgot Windows password, by which we will be locked out of our PC.

When this happens, someone may first think of asking some experts for help, since we are not familiar with PC settings and techniques. But that will time-consuming and you may spend s big sum of money for a simple re-installations or something. Actually, you can completely rely on your own. Then, how to reset Windows password easily and efficiently on your own? Here we will introduce you some useful tips.

Firstly, you can reset Windows password with a password reset disk. Windows allows its users to create a password reset disk with a USB. You can enter User Account by clicking Start and Control Panel. And then Select the User Account you want to create password reset disk for. Then, you can just follow the guide to create a password reset Usb disk. When you forgot your Windows password, you can just use your password reset disk and follow its instructions to finish Widows password reset in a very short time. Of course, in this way, you must have created a password reset disk in advance, before you have forgotten the password.

Secondly, you can resort to Windows Login Recovery, which is one of the best password recovery tools you need know. Windows Login Recovery software works by burning a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive password reset disk on an accessible computer in minutes, and then reset password on your computer which you wish to reset password for with this password reset disk. It is easy-to-use software comes with professional and powerful feature. And it works efficiently to reset password for all Administrator and other user accounts. It perfectly supports most of the popular Windows system, such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, Sever 2000, 2003 & 2008, etc. If you want to reset Windows password quickly on your own, this would be the ideal method. BY this method, your PC’s data will be perfectly protected as well.