Reset Vista passwordVista is still widely used in computers nowadays although newer operating systems have been released. So there is necessary to introduce some ways to reset windows vista password for the password users who take vista as operating system. Ask yourself, what would you do if you forget your windows password? If you have got no idea about the issue, read the passage from the beginning to the end and you will know.

People who have used windows 7 must know that it has a built-in feature that can help users to reset forgotten windows password – a windows password reset disk. Actually, the feature has already existed in windows vista. And the disk is still made from Control Panel and also need a device like a CD/DVD or a USB drive, and the most important is that you should know, the disk should be made before computer is locked.

But today here, I want to show you something different. The ways for windows vista password recovery is not from the computer itself but from third-party software. The reason why I terrible introduce it is that I believe there isn’t a way is more convenient, professional and powerful than using windows password recovery software to reset forgotten password.

Let’s take one of this kind software as an example here named Windows Login Recovery. It is widely regarded as one of the best password reset software among computer users. Any windows password, simple or complicated, short or long, letters or numbers or symbols, Windows Login Recovery can remove it and make you log on windows soon. Cut the craps, follow the steps and you would know:
1. After download and install the software on an accessible computer, run it.
2. Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer to make it into a password reset disk.
3. Put the disk into the computer to reset forgotten windows password.

Not only for windows Vista, but also for windows 7 which is the most widely used operating system right now, Windows Login Recovery is always a perfect tool for them to reset the forgotten password. If you want to get windows 7 password recovery, remember to use it.