Have you ever come across the problem like mine? I have an internal network that usually doesn’t use Internet and I want to use Windows 7 in this network but I couldn’t enable NetMeeting on this network.  Do you know how can I enable NetMeeting on Win7?If your answer is yes, why not share with me so that I could solve this problem with your help. If your answer is no, why not read through this article so that you can broaden your horizon and solve the problem with my help in the end.

In fact, Microsoft NetMeeting is a feature of former versions of Windows, namely Windows XP, which is not available in Windows 7.That is to say, NetMeeting is not included in Windows 7.On the contrary, NetMeeting was originally bundled with later versions of Internet Explorer 3, and the launch version of Internet Explorer 4.0.NetMeeting was a popular way to perform video conferences and chatting over the Internet before video service became common on free IM clients, such as Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger. Since the release of the initial MSN Messenger Service and later Windows XP, Microsoft has deprecated it in favor of Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Note that Windows Live Messenger hook directly into NetMeeting for the application sharing, desktop sharing, and Whiteboard features exposed by each application.

In another word,you can consider using Windows Meeting Space to collaborate with other people, share documents, and make presentations.You can open Windows Meeting Space by clicking the Start button, click All Programs, and then click Windows Meeting Space.If you want to collaborate with a small group of people, and everyone is using computers running this version of Windows, Windows Meeting Space is your best choice. It allows you to collaborate with up to ten other people on the Internet, a local network, or a wireless network. If no network exists and you are all in the same room, Windows Meeting Space will set up an ad hoc network automatically.

You can also collaborate with other people, share documents, and make presentations by using Microsoft Office Live Meeting.Microsoft Office Live Meeting includes web client support for remote attendee flexibility;, interactive application and desktop sharing, along with whiteboard tools; active speaker video switching, multi-party video, and multi-party Voice over IP (VoIP) audio; rich media presentations, native video conferencing, high-fidelity recording, and webcam capabilities; training and event management with event and class registration and virtual breakout rooms.

You must have found that In Windows 7, if you are looking for a remote desktop application that will allow you to remotely connect to a PC without logging off the current user, alternate back and forth between remotely controlling the PC and remotely viewing the PC while someone else uses it, and for file transfer without being connected to the Internet, you can use newer applications like Remote assistance, Remote Desktop and Microsoft Office Live Meeting to connect to computers remotely over the Internet oron a network.