Windows Vista is launched after XP and before Windows 7. It might be less used than other both operation systems. But it still has a large market share. For those who are Windows Vista Users, they would have worried about Vista password problems since they forgot Windows Vista password, now they would get rid of worrying at all.

In addition to crack Windows Vista password with password reset disk like XP and Win7, you can also crack Windows Vista password when the computer is in safe mode; of course, the presupposition is that you have set another Windows Vista administrator account and you can log on your Vista PC with it. And here are the detailed instructions that you should follow:

Step 1: Press ‘F8’ when Windows Vista PC starts booting and then come to the ‘Advanced Boot Options’.

Step 2: Three types of Safe Mode appears. Select ‘Safe Mode with Command Prompt’ and press ‘Enter’, as it is shown in figure A.

Figure A

Step 3: Enter safe mode with an admin account. And then here comes a command prompt.

Step 4: Type ‘net user’ in command prompt and press ‘Enter’. All accounts on the Windows Vista will be displayed here.(As it shown in Figure B)

Figure B

Step 5: Type ‘net user Mike 123’ (Mike should be the locked user name and 123 is the newly-set password. This relies on your own settings in your PC) and press ‘Enter’. As it is shown in Figure C, a new password is successfully created on the locked account.

Figure C

Step 6: Type ‘shutdown -r -t 00’ and press ‘Enter’.

Step7: The computer will reboot automatically and then you can log on Windows Vista with the new password.

Bravo! If you followed the steps above, you will regain access to your PC which you forgot Windows Vista password in less than 5 minutes. And never worry about being locked out of your PC any more. However, If you have no another accessible account in your PC, you would have no chance to act in this way. If so, you can use Vista password cracker which is programs or software designed for cracking Vista password, for example, Windows Login Recovery would be one of such software. If the safe mode didn’t work for you, you might try this software as well.