It is widely recognized that Windows Vista system works efficiently. However, if the users lost or forgot Windows Vista password, how to get Windows Vista password reset will comes as a challenge as well.

The good news is that Windows Vista password reset could be finished swiftly if  you take use of the Windows Vista password reset tool named Windows Login Recovery, then you could regain access to your locked system on the basis that you fully following the steps below:

1. Download Windows Login Recovery and then install it on an accessible computer but not your locked one.

2. Running the program and insert a CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer.

3. Create a Windows Vista password reset CD/DVD or USB drive.

4. Insert the CD/DVD or USB drive into your locked computer.

5. Set BIOS of the locked PC to boot from CD/DVD or USB drive if your computer failed to boot from it.

6. All the user names will be displayed before you, and you can select one to remove its password.

7. Remove the burned CD/DVD or USB drive from computer, restart your computer.

8. Regain access to your system without any problem.

Now you can login your Windows Vista system after the whole Windows Vista password recovery process is finished which just asked you to do several mouse-clicking and press keys. So that even though you are a newbie or take use of this password recovery utility on your first try, you can handle the entire process efficiently.

Well, besides support Windows Vista system, this Windows Login Recovery also supports other Windows system as well, including Win 7, XP, Server 2008, 2003, etc. and it could recover the lost Windows administrator password and user password in minutes regardless of the length or complexity.

This Windows Vista password cracker will save your time and cost on the password recovery process, why not get this utility now? So that you can enjoy a life free from Vista password recovery issues since now on.