forgot HP Windows 7 password

Nowadays nearly everyone has heard of Hewlett-Packard Company, namely HP. But do you know the history of this company? TodayI would like to tell you something about it.

In 1939, HewlettandPackardestablished Hewlett-Packard (HP) in Packard’s garage.HP incorporated on August 18, 1947, and went public on November 6, 1957.From the 1940s until well into the 1990s the company concentrated on making electronic test equipment.

In the 1960s, HP is recognized as the symbolic founder of Silicon Valley. Instruments and calculators were some of the products usingsemiconductor devices.

In the 1970s, The HP 3000 was an advanced design for a business computing server, later redesigned with RISC technology. HP was on the increase.

In the 1980s, HP introduced both inkjet and laser printers for the desktop.HP transitioned from the HP3000 to the HP9000 series minicomputers.

In the 1990s, HP expanded their computer product line to reach consumers.HP bought Apollo Computer in 1989 and Convex Computer in 1995.

In the 2000s, HP officially merged with Compaq.In 2004 HP released the DV 1000 Series. In 2008, HP purchased Electronic Data Systems.In 2009,HPacquired 3Com for $2.7 billion in cash.

In the 2010s, HP acquired Palm in cash and debt. During this period,many problems in HP appeared, and many people were dismissed.

According to HP’s development, we may learn a lot. And you may feel interested in HP laptops. But what I wanted to say is that remember to reset HP Windows 7 password if you forgot HP Windows 7 password.