Once being set up a windows password, no matter what brand and what windows system your computer is, there would be a possibility that you forget windows password. And once you cannot find out the right windows password, no exception, you cannot log on the windows of any brand of computers. Here we will discuss some useful ways about how to get Dell windows 7 password reset.

1. Reset Dell windows 7 password by another account with administrator privilege

Step 1: Log on windows with the account which own administrator privilege

Step 2: Click Start button and find out the Search box. Type lusrmgr.msc into the box and then press Enter. Then the “Local Users and Groups” window shows up.

Step 3: Click “Users” on the left of the window, then right-click the account you want to reset password for, choose “Set Password” and input a new password.

Step 4: Use the new password to log on Dell windows

2. Reset Dell windows 7 password with Command Prompt

Step 1: Press Win Key+R and type cmd in the run command box and hit Enter to open command prompt. And then type net user in it and hit Enter again. All user accounts will be listed.

Step 2: Type the locked admin account’s name and a new password and press Enter. A new password is successfully created for the locked admin account.

Step 3: Type shutdown-r-t 00 and press Enter. Windows 7 PC will be rebooted automatically and then you can log in windows 7 with the new password.

3. Using Dell windows 7 password reset disk

Only you have created a Dell windows 7 password reset disk before the computer is locked can you use this method to reset windows 7 password. Following are the detailed steps:

Step 1: Run the locked computer and log on windows 7 operating system with the account that you forgot password.

Step 2: Type a wrong password into the welcome screen box, and press Enter.

Step 3: When the error massage comes up, click OK.

Step 4: Click Reset Password.

Step 5: When the welcome screen of Windows 7 password reset wizard appears, click Next.

Step 6: Follow the wizard to remove windows 7 password.

Step 7: After the password is reset successfully, click Finish to exit.

4. Reset Dell windows 7 password by Windows Login Recovery Professional

If you want an easier and quicker way to reset Dell windows 7 password, you should try Windows Login Recovery Professional. It is a professional password recovery tool which is specially designed for resetting windows password.

Note: The software is compatible with all brands of computers and all versions of windows. You can rest assured to use because it won’t damage the data and files that preserved in the locked computer.

The password reset procedure is pretty simple:

Step 1: Download and install the software on another accessible computer.

Step 2: Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer to burn a password reset disk.

Step 3: Put the burned password reset disk into the locked computer and make the computer boot from it.

Step 4: Choose the user accounts you want to reset password for, click Next to remove the Dell Windows 7 password. Then you can log on computer without passwords.

Well, so many ways available for Dell windows 7 password recovery, you can choose the most convenient way depend on your situation. There must be a way can figure out your windows password problem.