Chances are that we might be the one who cannot get the access to Windows Vista system due to the lost of Windows Vista password. Then, we will figure out the recover Windows Vista password job to logon the password protected computer instantly. Here below we will show you two ways on how to reset Windows Vista password easily and quickly at different cases.

1: Take use of Vista password reset disk

The lost or forgot Vista password could get reset instantly if you have the password reset disk. Please follow the few simple steps below to finish the entire process:

Step 1: Start running your computer to log on Windows Vista system.

Step 2: Entering a wrong password in the password box, press Enter.

Step 3: Click OK when the error message comes up.

Step 4: Click Reset password on the following screen.

Step 5: When the welcome screen of password reset wizard appears, click Next.

Step 6: Follow the forgotten password reset wizard to reset the lost Windows Vista password.

Step 7: When the Windows Vista password recovery process completed, click Finish.

Now you could get the Windows Vista password recovery with it in minutes. Well, please keep the password reset disk safely away from others after the password recovery process finished, for your personal information preserved in the disk during the process.

2. Reset Vista password with Windows Password Reset

In case that you have no Windows Vista password reset disk in hand, you could also recover Vista password with Windows Password Reset which just cost you several mouse-clicking and press keys. Below are the simple steps for your references:

Step 1: Download Windows Password Reset and run it

Step 2: Create a Vista password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Step 3: Reset the lost or forgotten Vista password with the reset disk.

Now you could login into your Vista system without any password. With this computer utility, you can recover Windows Vista password easily regardless you got the password reset disk in advance or not. And all you need to do is to get one of this utility while lost or forgot Windows Vista password.