Have you ever used a laptop or desktop of Dell brand which has been always occupied a relatively large part of the e-market? Have you changed your OS into windows 7 or been using it for a long time? Definitely to say, they are among the popular ones. For most users, they would like to set a windows password to ensure personal security without exception that one may forget the windows password. What if you are the person who come across this issue, what will you do to make Dell windows 7 password reset?

Perhaps you have heard of lots of methods which could help you reset your forgotten windows password, such as, to reset passwords by an available account with admin privilege, or to create windows password reset disk, both of which may make many people fail to reset their forgot windows 7 password. Then what do we do? Just now, I will introduce to you the Windows Login Recovery which absolutely won’t make you disappointed. Windows Login Recovery contains four optional versions: the standard version, the professional version, the enterprise version and the ultimate version while the last one owns all functions that the previous three have. The advantages of using Windows Login Recovery are that, time-saving, security, easy-to-use, no harm to computer data and files. Dell has so many computer models, Windows Login Recovery can reset windows password for them all.

To personal use, I recommend to you the professional version which is more than enough. Unlike standard version which only can use CD/DVD as a device to make password reset disk, professional version can use a USB drive as well as which is much easier to get. Go to try it!