Have you ever heard about Windows Login Recovery, a Windows password recovery software? If you have, I do believe that you know it is a good tool for computer users to reset forgotten password. If you haven’t, read the whole passage below and let me tell you how good it is and how to use it to reset forgotten Windows password.

Information about Windows Login Recovery:

Windows password recovery

There are four editions: Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. The functions of the four editions are more and more powerful from Standard to Ultimate. And Ultimate contains all the functions that the previous three editions have.

There are some advantages to use Windows Login Recovery.

It is faster and easier than using other methods. I should say all the operating process just takes a few minutes and only three steps are needed: download, make a disk, use the disk to reset password. What’s more, what you need to do in each step is mouse-clicking, even computer novices can do that.

It is the most efficient. There are some situations that users cannot reset password by other tools. Relax, Windows Login Recovery can 100% reset Windows password for you.

It is versatile. It can reset password for computers of all brands and all Windows systems. For Ultimate edition, it can change the ole forgotten password to a new one or create a new admin account directly without logging into Windows.

It is safe. It is compatible with all Windows systems and won’t cause any loss to your computer data and files when resetting password.

Steps for Windows password recovery by using Windows Login Recovery: (let’s take Professional as an example.)

Note: prepare an accessible computer and a blank CD/DVD or USB drive in advance.

1. Download→install→run Windows Login Recovery Professional on the accessible computer.

2. Insert the blank CD/DVD or USB drive into it and make it into a password reset disk.

3. Put the disk into the locked computer and that bring up a password reset wizard. Follow the clear graphical instruction then you can reset password successfully.

When forget Windows password, Windows Login Recovery is definitely one of your choices or the only one choice to use to reset forgotten Windows 7 password.